Millie's Pop-Up Shop


Millie's Pop-Up Shop was a shop ran by Millie, a young adult with Alstrom Syndrome. The shop was a temporary set-up in Cornwall organised by her mother Michelle, who got help from local charities and business to make this dream happen. The idea of the shop was to give Millie the experience of working and running her own shop. As with her disability, it was not something she could have otherwise done. The Shop closed in September 2023 after a very success run, and was enjoyed by herself and the whole community.

DARKOCEAN DESIGN was approached by Michelle to see if we could help with some pro bono design, development and marketing work. We believed in her vision and were more than excited to help make Millie's dream come true.

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A fun, colourful identity

With the exciting opportunity to create a vibrant and playful brand identity for Millie's Pop-Up Shop. The process began with a discovery session, where we explored their vision and aspirations for the brand. Drawing inspiration from her lively personality and the eclectic range of products in her shop, we settled on a palette bursting with bright hues and energetic patterns. The logo, a dynamic representation of Millie's spirit, was crafted to be both memorable and versatile. Collaborating closely with Millie, we designed eye-catching signage and promotional materials that reflected the unique essence of her pop-up venture. The end result was a fun and colourful brand identity that not only resonated with Millie's vision but also captivated the attention of customers, making her pop-up shop a lively and inviting space for all. Looking back, it was a rewarding experience to see the brand come to life and contribute to the success of Millie's dream.

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