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SMS PC Repairs is your one stop tech shop for all your tech needs! Will took over Somerset Media Solutions 10 years ago with 2 goals. The first was the shorten the name, so it was easier for people to remember his email address! The second was to create an affordable, quality place for local people and small businesses to get reliable repairs and affordable technology.

Fast forward to now, SMS are trying to expand there business and become a franchise. SMS approached us to get a new brand and website that paves the way for them to no longer be seen as the small local company, but as a well-established device repair empire!

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A brand that feels fresh and sustainable

During the process of the brand creation, we looked at giving SMS a fresh and sustainable aura. Every element, from the colour palette to the messaging, is carefully curated to captivate their consumers while embodying enduring values. Their commitment to environmental consciousness is woven into the very fabric of the brand, reflecting a harmonious blend of technology and eco-friendly ethos. This is more than a brand; it's a living testament to SMS's dedication to doing work that make a positive impact on both consumers and the planet.

A clear digital journey

The opportunity to collaborate with SMS on their website brought out some interesting solutions. Creating 2 Shopify websites, and a single landing page to kickstart the journey. We infused their digital presence with purpose and clarity, to ensure every element aligned seamlessly with their vision and goals. We not only reflected the unique identity but also used these elements to guide visitors with a clear and engaging direction.

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